Titanfall BR Releasing Monday February 4th? Is Titanfall EA's Sacrificial Goat?

You may have seen the rumors by now…there may be a Titanfall battle royal releasing on Monday February 4th. In fact, it is looking pretty damn likely that this is the case.

We here at Forced Fun have one question, EA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WHY DO YOU RUIN EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH?? Oh yeah…money.

Yes, we enjoy battle royal games, but to be honest, we never saw Titanfall falling into the battle royal craze. However, knowing EA, this makes perfect sense.

A YouTuber by the name of TheQuartering released a video (later confirming the details in this tweet) detailing the confirmation of a Titanfall battle royal. We have to ask, why isn’t Titanfall getting the attention it deserves? We understand Titanfall 2’s sales were not the greatest, but that was a fantastic (and we don’t want to argue about it) game. On December 19, 2017 the last Titanfall 2 update was released, thus signalling Respawn’s ending support of the game. Although, we have to imagine this was at EA’s direction since Respawn was acquired by EA in November of 2017.

We all assumed a new Titanfall was on the horizon. In late 2018, Respawn posted new listings for their upcoming Titanfall project. This was it! A new, full Titanfall game was on the Horizon. Henry’s cheers could be heard from miles away. A new AAA Titanfall, competitive multiplayer experience was on the horizon, and we all could not wait. However, this month, those hopes began fading fast.

Popular Twitch streamers Dr. Disrespect and Shroud streamed Titanfall 2 on January 18th. No #ad was given, sparking some confusion from viewers. Why were they both streaming Titanfall 2? Knowing what we know now, this was no coincidence. Dr. Disrespect posted numerous times this week that he was unable to stream due to being “NDA’d out of his mind.” On Tuesday January 28th, a picture was posted to Dr. Disrespect’s subreddit showing him in LA filming an unknown video. Shroud later confirmed that week on his Twitch stream that he would be in LA on Thursday January 31st doing something under NDA. Hmmm…the pieces are sure starting to fall into place. Titanfall BR sure seems to be on the way. Should we all be on the lookout for a Super Bowl Titanfall ad??! Who knows, although that would be pretty cool.

You know what? We have it all figured out.

With Battlefield not doing so well in sales, the Battlefield V battle royal being delayed and delayed and delayed, along with the shit show that is known as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and yeah, oh wait, all of the backlash on FIFA and Madden pack openings, EA is not exactly the most popular publisher out there. It is because of this that we believe EA is willing to sacrifice the Titanfall IP to the free-to-play BR gods. Acquiring Respawn for $400 million, we should have been aware that this was inevitable. EA wanted their popular IP to be fully in their hands. Lets be real, every publisher wants Epic’s Fortnite success. In EA’s eyes, this could be it. Just think about all of the Titan skins, weapons skins, and pilot skins they can charge us for!! Maybe they want to push Origin into the competitive game platform realm dominated by Steam (with Epic slowly creeping in)?

Lets be real, this has the making to be complete and utter shit. Please name the last good EA have put out. We are waiting. Don’t even get us started on Anthem. Have you seen how horrible it runs on regular Xbox and PS4 (granted this is only an issue for Dom and Alex)? Remember that VIP demo launch? Henry has gone into a deep depression with this new Titanfall news. The Titanfall series is one of his most beloved franchises. Once Henry’s eyes dry, and we all get over EA’s betrayal, we will all give this a chance. We may talk mad shit, but anything with the Titanfall name is worth trying. I mean, it has provided us with hours of entertainment in the past.

If we have to force Henry to have fun and play it, we will. Hopefully the game is just good. Given EA’s track record, we are not at all hopeful. Hopefully they prove us wrong.

Check out the Forced Fun Podcast Episode 2 coming out February 10th. We will absolutely be talking about this. No, we will absolutely be BITCHING about this!