Episode 6

Henry breaks an ankle, Robert plays Resident Evil 2, Dom hates Battlefield V Firestorm, and Alex is a mobile gaming pleb.

Episode 5

Henry still hates open world games (despite buying and playing The Division 2), Alex and Robert might not be friends anymore thanks to Apex Legends, Dom reports on his time with the classic Half Life 2 Episode 1, and there's lots of yelling so don't say we didn't warn you.

Episode 4

Alex gets brutally attacked, we establish ourselves as "Shitermediate" Apex Legends players, Dom almost reveals Robert's darkest secret, Henry reports back on his time with Hyper Light Drifter, and Henry's shoe corner makes a triumphant return.

Episode 3

In our third episode, Henry tries to turn the podcast into one about shoes, Robert reports back on his extensive time with Apex Legends, we discuss the perception of Crackdown 3 as a "free" game, and this time it's Dom who decides to add a couple of extra censorship bleeps to the end of the show.

Episode 2

Alex reports back on his Forced Fun game, Massive Chalice. And in keeping with (our very short) tradition, Robert gets forced to play a game in a genre he doesn't really care for.

Episode 1

This podcast starts off with EA sucking at getting things right the first time, Alex gets forced to play a turn based game, and we discuss the most exciting games of 2019.